Jess Phillips – Photographer

Jess Phillips- Self Portrait. Make-up by: LAC Make-up ArtJessica Phillips is a Tampa based artist and photographer who has been immersed in the art scene for over a decade. Her roots in photography date back to high school where Jess discovered her passion for the art while working with good old fashioned film. Her creative eye won her a coveted contest and a chance to have her work featured at the Tampa Museum of Art before even graduating.

With a diverse background in all walks of art, she has a deep passion for painting. Spray paint and acrylics are among her favorite media, but the objective is to use any outlet that allows her to share the world as she imagines it. Having someone look at a painting or photo and inspire a feeling is her driving force.

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Chris Cava - Musician

Chris Cava – Musician

Chris Cava, a 17 year old Tampa Native, has been playing and songwriting for 3+ years. His Percussive Finger style Technique is Truly Unique! Currently 2 of his Original Songs are available on iTunes. “Lovelorn” and recently hitting Top Ten on REVERBNATION “Storming Dreadnought”. Keep an eye on this young man!

Susan Doscher - Artist

Susan Doscher – Artist

Susan Doscher has been creating art her entire life!! She incorporated many techniques into her current body of work. With an interior design, Faux painting and cement staining background she uses cement and a variety of earth based products to create texture. Inspired by visions, dreams and people she meets, Susan is passionate about recycling and … Read more…

Princess Rashid - Artist

Princess Rashid – Artist

Presenting Princess Rashid, one of the featured artists at The Wandering Eye Art Gallery, in Ybor City. Her inspiration as an artist is one of a mathematical origin. She is currently commissioned for two large pieces set to grace the walls of a local accounting firm. The piece shown here in the photo is of a … Read more…

Body By Quinn - Artist

Body By Quinn – Artist

This is the multi-dimensional and extremely talented Quinn. The Wandering Eye Art Gallery Artist Launch and Wine Tasting Event is where we were introduced. Her art work is comprised mostly of the human form with influences woven through by request of the individual receiving the piece. Discussing her passion for art led to conversation of … Read more…